Chestnut Nature Park – Singapore’s largest Park

There are two areas to Chestnut Nature Park – North and South Chestnut Nature Park which are measured at a total of 81 hectares, making it the largest nature park in Singapore.

It is also the first nature park in Singapore to have separate mountain biking and hiking trails. Therefore, visitors can look forward to a wide variety of activities at Chestnut Nature Park such as hiking, mountain biking and bird watching. There is bike rental kiosk there as well, so you can rent and wash your bikes.

Hungry? No problem! There are pre-packaged snacks for sale. Should you have any trouble going there, watch our video to find out more.

Remember to check for weather forecast before heading there as you never know when it rains.

105 Chestnut Ave, Singapore 679514

Operating hours:
Daily – 7am to 7pm


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