Don Don Donki – 24/7 Japanese discount store!

Presenting Singapore’s newest Japanese ‘departmental’ store, Don Don Donki! It is a 24/7 discount store offering an incredible selection of Japanese imported food and goods. You heard us right; 24 hours. And we bet that many of us are rejoicing for the fact that it is located conveniently as Orchard Central.

The prices are slightly higher than the original prices from Japan, but it is indeed more value-for-money as you’re buying unique and high-quality Japanese products. Depending on what you are buying, prices can range from as low as 50 cents to a whopping $80 000!

Don Don Donki is split accordingly into two levels: Basement 1 and 2. Basement 1 is retail that sells stuff like sweets, titbits, cosmetics, bedding, clothing, toys and so forth. Basement 2 is the supermarket that sells the fresh foodstuff air-flown from Japan. You will be happy to know that at least 1/3 of the store is dedicated to food imported from Hokkaido, the land of the best seafood, meat and milk.

Of course, there are ready-to-eat meals at Don Don Donki! They sell a range of takeaway rice bowls, sushi and sashimi. Coming soon are also a set of street-food styled stalls in collaboration with Hokkaido Marche! So, if you’re ever hungry while shopping, grab a bite from these stalls or buy yourself some sushi. It is the perfect pick-me-up!

For more info, watch the video below


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