Things to look out for at Terminal 4!

Singapore has been holding its title “World’s Best Airport” for four consecutive years now. If that’s not impressive enough, it also marks the seventh time since Singapore Changi Airport has won this award. With so much pressure and competition, Changi is constantly improving to keep its title. When Terminal 3 was opened, many were taken aback by the planning of this terminal. There were an endless amount of attractions, art installations and much more. With such excellent existing facilities, how else can Changi beat their innovations seen in T3? Here are 8 things to look out for at Terminal 4!

1. Adorable cleaning machines

With robots taking over the world, Changi has decided to hire a few new staffs to help out with the cleanliness in the airport. These cute little quiet cleaners are still unnamed, do think of one and suggest it to Changi!

ps: I wonder if people will start littering in front of these machines just to watch be in action.

2. Self-service processes

Changi is adopting the FAST (Fast and Seamless Travel) system. Check-in fast with these new self-services options available at each stage of departure. There will be automated check-in, bag drop, immigration and boarding. Since when do we get to tag our own bag?

Fun Fact: It costs $985million to build Changi Terminal 4.

3. New luggage & body scanners

Passengers passing through security checks will no longer need to take out their laptops and other devices. It allows screenings to be a lot faster. There will also be an increase in the privacy for passengers, as full-body pat -downs may become less frequent. Say bye to hassle.

4. 70M Long immersive LED display

We all know how security screening may take some time, getting on our nerves. However, that will not be an issue at T4. This 70x5m long immersive wall located at the screening area will be sure to entertain you.

There will be a total of 16 different scenes that will be alternating around. Watch the stone carved textured wall turn into a beautiful screen of wonders.

5. Quirky Art Installation

Remember how the kinetic Raindrop installation at T2 was so beautiful that a tourist risked her a life for a piece of it? Changi is back at it again. This time, bigger and better.

Petalclouds, an artwork imitating the movement of clouds floating in the sky. Its symmetrical shape and collective choreography result in an interactive art piece that can be seen from both the public and transit areas of the terminal. This sculpture spans 200m.

Another artwork you should not miss out is the aptly named Travelling Family. These life-sized art sculptures describe perfectly what a family is like when they travel.

Tip: Get the best close-up view of Petalclouds from the transit areas of the terminal, in the extended viewing area right after the Travelling Family art installation.

6. Uniquely designed seats

Get ready to amazed by the many different seats available in Changi. Seats of all shapes and sizes can be seen. The best part? Most of the seats here come with a power outlet. You will never have to worry about your phone dying!

7. Heritage Zone

Try to spot the LED screen (which is very well hidden) for an immersive theatrical experience. Peranakan Love Story – a mini-theatre show inspired by the Peranakan culture from the 1880s to 1950s. Get ready your popcorn and enjoy this jaw-dropping 6 minutes musical.

8. Sanctuary of greenery

There are 582,000 different plants planted in T4 with a self-watering system. Among it, 160 ficus trees line the 14 boarding gate areas allowing the passengers to breathe in fresh air even indoors. This is what I call “Garden City”.

Fun Fact: Terminal 4 has a total gross floor area of 225,000sqm; equivalent to 27 football fields!

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