100% Natural Pancakes at Kyushu Pancake

Step inside Kyushu Pancake, a cafe brand dedicated to making the best pancakes using only the finest ingredients from the Kyushu island. They use organically grown products directly from Kyushu to make their pancakes and they pride themselves in using ingredients that are free from chemicals, emulsifiers, artificial chemicals, fertilizers, and so forth. Only pure wheat flour, raw sugar, and buttermilk from Kyushu. So pure and safe that kids can eat them with no worries!

As you guessed, they make buttermilk pancakes, the perfect pancake for brunch(this is not open for debate)!

You can go in and order a stack of classic buttermilk pancakes for your brunch here. They are pretty good by themselves as they are light and fluffy with a slight sweetness to them. But why not go for their specialty pancakes? Here’s what we tried!

Annou Imo Pancakes

At Kyushu Pancake, you can always look forward to new menu items as they are always introducing interesting seasonal creations. Now for a limited time, they are serving their special Annou Imo Pancakes! They are a stack of pancakes covered with smooth sweet potato paste, topped with their premium milk ice cream, sliced sweet potato, and hand-whipped cream.

Annou Imo is a honey-sweet potato from Miyazaki that is available in autumn and it is known as one of the sweetest, creamiest variants in Japan. The premium milk ice cream is also from Miyazaki which boasts a pure milky taste without being too rich and creamy. Not only that, but it’s also friendly to the tummy as the ice cream contains oligosaccharides which promote absorption and digestion! Combined with the light and fluffy pancakes, this is decadence that will not leave you feeling guilty after eating.

Berry-Licious pancakes

If you’re looking for something on their permanent menu, there are absolutely so many to choose from! For starters, you can try their signature Berry-Licious pancakes! They are 3 pancakes served with lots of fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, custard sauce on the bottom, (not sure about this please check), and topped with vanilla ice cream and berry syrup. With the tartness of the berries together with the sweetness of the sauce and the ice cream, this stack is definitely a treat to those who love berries!

Matcha Mont Blanc Pancakes

If you want something a little richer, definitely try out the Matcha Mont Blanc pancakes. 3 pancakes stacked high, topped with a smooth chestnut paste mixed with matcha powder, matcha sauce, and served with vanilla ice cream on the side. Doesn’t that sound gorgeous? Nutty chestnut together with the aromatic and slightly bitter green tea, this Japanese flavor combination will surely win your heart.

Eggs Benedict Pancakes

Not only known for their dessert pancakes, but Kyushu Pancake is also known for its savory pancakes as well! For one, do try out their Eggs Benedict pancakes! Instead of the English muffins, you would see in a typical Eggs Benedict, this time they are pancakes! They are served with bacon, poached egg, and of course, the hollandaise sauce. Even if you’re not a fan of savory pancakes, this one is still worth trying as there is a balance of savouriness and sweetness.

Karaage Chicken Waffle

They also have waffles too! Kyushu Pancakes pulls a Japanese spin to the classic chicken and waffles. Introducing the Karaage Chicken Waffle. It is what it is, huge chunks of crispy chicken karaage on top of a golden brown waffle. It comes with their special tartar sauce and (maybe) white wine honey. Who can resist Karaage? Together with the crunchy waffle and the sauces, it’s guaranteed to convert a chicken and waffle fanatic to be a fan of this.

Tomato Soda
Tropical Fruit Tea

Why not get a drink to go along with those pancakes. We got the tomato soda and the hot fruit tea! The is refreshing and tangy, and it goes well with the savory pancakes. The hot fruit tea is sweet as it is made with house-made fruit syrup (made with real fruits every day!) The tea goes great with the dessert pancakes as it’s not overly sweet and cleanses your palate.

We have shown so many things to try out at Kyushu Pancake, but of course, there’s still more to look forward to such as their french toast. Do check them out if you want to taste what high-quality, organic pancakes are like.

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