2017 in-trend mooncakes and pastries

Mid-autumn festival 2017 is here. You may see events popping up at various malls selling all kinds of mooncakes and pastries. Restaurants and boutique stores are constantly innovating on their mooncakes to meet up to consumer’s higher expectations. This year, many new flavors and intriguing mooncake designs have caught much attention.

We went to Takashimaya’s mid-autumn festival 2017 and found some unique mooncakes and pastries.

Peony Jade
Snowskin Prosperous Pig-me-up

Peony Jade @ Keppel Club is awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant in both 2016 and 2017. With such good reviews on their food, their mooncakes shouldn’t be a disappointment.
This snowskin prosperous pig-me-up mooncake is filled with Silver Lotus Paste & Egg Yolk Custard. It is freshly hand-crafted daily with all-natural ingredients. No preservatives, stabilizers, and/or artificial colorings.

Price: 2 pieces for $42

Bunny Snowskin Mooncakes

The cutest mooncake in 2017 goes to Ollella. Inspired by the tale of the Jade Rabbit, the Bunny Collection mooncakes are created. The unique shape of the mooncakes is designed by award-winning bento artist, Little Miss Bento. These bunny-shaped mooncakes are way too cute to be eaten.

Pink Bunny (bunny-shaped): Raspberry Rose with Lychee Center
White Bunny (bunny-shaped): White Peach Champagne with Strawberry Gelèe Centre

Ps: Live demonstrations on how the bunny mooncakes are assembled can be seen at the festival.

Price: 4 pieces of mixed mooncakes (maximum of 2 bunny-shaped mooncakes) at S$50.

Bubble Tea with Butterscotch Mooncake & Mango Cream Cheese Mooncake

Packing a punch in 2017’s mooncake collection is Conrad’s new tantalizing flavors: Bubble Tea with Butterscotch and Mango Cream Cheese mooncake.

Price: 8 pieces for $68

Filo Pastry Series

The other highlight for Conrad this year is the introduction of a new addition – the Custard and Bak Kwa in Crispy Charcoal Filo Pastry. It is filled with melt-in-your-mouth sweet custard and salty BBQ pork bits in a flaky charcoal filo crust.

Price: 8 pieces for $68
Mooncakes with No Sugar (Chocolate Nut Cream & Lotus Paste – Box of 13)

If you are looking for a diabetic-friendly mooncake you can opt for chocoelf’s sugar-free mooncake/sugarless mooncake.

Price: 1 box for $72.00
Grand Hyatt
Mahjong Chocolate Pralines Set (box of 78 pieces)

It is a well-known fact among most Chinese that engaging in a game of mah-jong during Chinese New Year is a way to welcome the auspicious occasion. But, have you ever seen or heard of goodies in the shape of mah-jong pieces?

This year, Grand Hyatt has decided to give the mid-autumn an experimental twist by launching exquisitely handcrafted white chocolate flavored Mah-jong Pralines.

Price: A set of 78 pieces of Mah-jong Pralines for $168.

Garden Collection Mooncake

Inspired by the use of botanicals and flowers in the kitchen, Chef Kwan debuts the Garden Collection, a collection of four Snowskin Mooncake flavors including the Roselle and Red Date Snowskin Mooncake that is a unique standout that features the use of Red Date Paste—a refreshing difference from the traditional lotus seed paste. The light smoky notes of Roselle are perfectly balanced by the luscious Red Date filling.

Price: 4 pieces for $72

Interested to find out more about these mooncakes and many other beautiful mooncake packagings? Watch the video below!

Address: Takashimaya Departmental store, 391A Orchard Road, S238873

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