21 Artisan Cube: ‘Fried’ ice cream rolls

21 Artisan Cube sells popular Thailand’s ice cream rolls, otherwise known as fried ice cream, pan ice cream, or instant ice cream rolls. These rolls are such a hit amongst Singaporeans.

You first order a base flavor (chocolate, matcha, vanilla, yogurt, Thai milk tea, or Yakult), and add in mixes of fruits, cookies, and sauces. You get the freedom to make your own ice cream to your personal preference and creativity. Spicing things up, even more, galaxy rolls are also available.

If you are a Thai milk tea lover, you should give their milk tea rolls a try!

The prices are $4.90 for a base with a mixer and $5.40 for 2 mixers.

Watch the staff pour your ice cream mixture onto a cold metal surface, add in the mixes, and ‘chop’ up the blend with two trowels, and spread that across like a thin sheet. The whole process will take about 2 minutes.

The love letter liked rolls were smooth and creamy. It also has the perfect size for easy eating.

For more info,
watch the video below:

Address: SCAPE Orchard #02-29 Singapore 237978
Nearest MRT: Somerset
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 12pm to 10pm
Sat – Sun: 11am to 10pm
Tel: 9450 0725

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