2x iPhone X Giveaway at Black Knight Warrior Restaurant

As the name suggests, Black Knight Warrior is strong competition for all hotpot restaurants in the market. It has been Taiwan’s crowd favorite with over 30 years of heritage. With celebrities visiting them, their name can be heard all the way to our home ground, and we’re glad to say that it’s finally in Singapore! Is their food really so fantastic? Is it worth the hype? Let’s find out!

Singapore’s first and only Black Knight Warrior outlet is located at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands. It is famous for its flavourful broth which is very much different from any other hotpot broths. Instead of a soup base made with instant stock cubes and a few subpar ingredients, the broths are made individually with the finest quality ingredients and boiled for hours to release all their goodness into the soups. You certainly do not have to worry about bland-tasting soup.

There are six choices of broths available where most of them are sold at $38. It may seem like a hefty price, but it’s worth every single cent. Alternatively, you can also order a combination pot of two different stocks for $48. They are served in these cloisonné bronze pots which are decorated with bright floral designs.

Here we got the Sichuan Spicy Hotpot broth and the Beauty Pot broth. The Sichuan Spicy Hotpot ($38) comes with pieces of tofu and beef tendon to add some richness to this spicy base. If you don’t like spice, you can opt for the store’s most popular Beauty Pot ($38) that has chunks of pig trotter and slices of tripe for that collagen boost. And if you want something simpler but still full of flavor, they also have chicken broth which goes well with all meat and seafood.

The other thing that made Black Knight Warrior stand out was the freshness of its meat, seafood, and vegetables. Holy Moly, just look at the wide array of meat and seafood! Imported either from Australia, the US, or Japan, they have high-grade Wagyu beef and black pork that just melts in your mouth! Their seafood is alive and the moment you place an order, they will immediately prepare them for you. You can look at them swimming in the tanks before they land on your plate. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Do also try out the Dan Jiao egg dumplings and other sides as they are perfect to soak up the broth. If you are looking for something more unique, they also offer fish paste udon, squid ink udon, and their in-house special QQ noodles. We doubt you can find anything close to this in other restaurants.

We would say that Black Knight Warrior is definitely a place to go if you are looking to impress someone or simply want to indulge yourself after a long work week.

And now for the best part, Black Knight Warrior is doing a lucky draw! 2 lucky people will stand a chance of winning a 64GB iPhone X in the color of your choice! (color subject to availability)

All you have you do is:

  • Like, share, and comment on the Marchh Facebook post to get 1 chance at winning
  • With every $50 spent at the Black Knight restaurant, you will receive 1 giveaway ticket for 1 chance of winning. However, for our beloved fans, quote “Marchh” and you will be entitled to an additional giveaway ticket! The more you spend, the higher the chances of winning!

This Giveaway contest starts on 16th November 2017 till 2nd January 2018, 6pm. The winners will be announced on 7th January 2018. Good luck!

Remember to set Notifications to “All On” in case you miss our announcements!

For more info,
watch the video below:

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