4 must try Korean summer food

It is the holiday season, and summer is here. The best way to enjoy your break is, of course, with food. So many food choices in the world, what should we eat?

Here are 4 must-eat Korean summer food regardless of whether you are staying in Singapore or traveling to Korea this holiday.

1. Mul Naengmyeon – “Cold Noodles”


If you are exhausted from the heat, do give these cold noodles a try.

Naengmyeon is made from buckwheat or sweet potatoes, so the noodles are often brown. They are quite chewy.

The ice-cold broth is tangy, savoury, and a little sweet and the noodles are soft but chewy at the same time. Traditionally the broth is made from the brine of fermented radish water kimchi (dongchimi: 동치미) and beef stock. Some sliced pear and pickled cucumber will then be added to enhance the taste.

2. Samgyetang – “Ginseng Chicken Soup”


Samgyetang (삼계탕) is an iconic summer dish in Korea. It is a chicken soup made with a small, whole chicken and ginseng.

It is served in boiling hot soup to beat the heat and stay energised during the summer. It helps by replenishing the lost internal body warmth. This is nutritious comfort food.

The chicken is stuffed with soaked sweet rice (aka glutinous rice). Garlic, ginger, and jujubes (dried red dates) are other common ingredients. Sometimes, other traditional herbs such as milk vetch roots (hwanggi, 황기) are added as well as chestnuts and ginkgo nuts.

3. Patbingsu – “Red Bean Shaved Ice”


Patbingsu is popular snack food found almost everywhere in Korea during the summer months made up of shaved ice and sweet red bean. To beat the sweltering heat this summer, indulge yourself in one.

In the modern culture, many shaved ice comes with other sweet toppings that may include chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. Those are termed as ‘Bingsu’.

4. Jjolmyeon – “Korean Spicy Chewy Noodles”


Jjol comes from “Jjol-git-ha-da.” which describes a chewy and elastic texture. The unique noodles, refreshing vegetable toppings and delicious sauce are beautifully combined to create one of the most addictive noodles dishes. The main ingredient of the sauce is gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste). It is cold, spicy and chewy. Mashisoyo!

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