8 Insta-Worthy Food at Geylang Serai Bazaar 2017

Every year, Geylang Serai Bazaar is the craze. You hear and see people raving over it. Is it just as good this year? Here are 8 Insta-Worthy Food to be found.

1. WickedMallows

If you are looking for something special and never seen before in the market (at least in Singapore), you have got to try these WickedMallows.

“Wicked” sells handcrafted gourmet marshmallows (WickedMallows), unlike those you see at the supermarkets. There are 10 uniquely crafted flavours available. The best part about “Wicked” is that these marshmallows will be torched right before your eyes.

Drawbacks: The marshmallows are going at 3 for $4. However, additional of $0.50 each will be charged if you choose to get the more popular flavours (marked with stars).

2. Poppin’ Soda

Poppin their way through the crowds this year are these Poppin’ Soda. Beautifully layered drinks are the “in-thing” this season and “Poppin” definitely got it right. With 5 available flavours, they make use of different ingredients such as milk, butterfly peas etc.

3. Starlite Bubblegum Drink

Top with “fruity pebbles” (coloured cornflakes), unicorn themed candies and a balloon is “Starlite Bubblegum drink”. The drink consists of bubblegum, lavender, cherry blossom, matcha, oreo and pandan.

Who even thinks of decorating a drink with balloon? Taking it to a whole new level is this eye appealing drink.

Our take: As sweet looking as this drink may look, it is also made for people with sweet tooth.

4. Rainbow waffles

From the same store as the bubblegum drink, “Rainbow Works” lives up to its name, even its waffles come in rainbow colour.

The waffles come in a set with the Starlite Bubblegum Drink at $15.90.

5. Handsome Burger

This may not come off as a surprise as this rainbow burger have been featured many times by other writers. “Word Café” serves decent tasting beef rainbow handsome burger. Their meal set comes with fries complementing their burger perfectly.

6. Singapore Chili Crab Churros

Going the non-conventional way, “Loco Loco” came up with various intriguing flavours. One of it being the must-try Chili Crab Churros. This combination may sound weird, but trust us, it tastes pretty awesome!

7. Galaxy Nutella Milkshake

Galaxy Nutella Milkshake… You must be thinking, what’s this? Another colourful drink?

This milkshake by “Sofnade” is something you should try. Not like any other beautifully decorated drinks sold here at the bazaar, this drink is 100% made of well-shaken soft serve Vanilla Nutella ice cream. No ice was used in this process. It is not as sweet as the other drinks, give it a try.

If you want to purely try the Vanilla and Nutella soft serve ice cream, we recommend the Cendol ice cream.

8. Fried Thai Milk & Pandan Fried Milk

Inspired by what he has tried in Indonesia, the owner of “Milk Bites” created his own rendition of fried milk. The milk bites ‘pops’ and melts in your mouth the moment you taste it. It has a velvety texture.

Our take: The Fried Thai Milk are generally bigger in sized as compared to the Pandan Fried Milk. However, we think that the Pandan Fried Milk taste better.

9. Scotch Eggs and soft serve Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream

This is out of the list but it’s so good that we have to share it. From the same store “Loco Loco” also sells tasting scotch eggs and ice cream. No one should miss out on these scotch eggs as they are delicious and hard to get in Singapore.

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