A Garden for your taste buds

Non-Entrée Desserts, a name many are familiar with. They became a sensation with their ingenious desserts last year. However, many do not know that they change their menu every six months. Non-Entrée wants their customers to have a different experience every time they step into their store.

“Urban Garden” is Non-Entrée’s new theme. They have never failed to surprise us with their creativity. They understood the boundaries very well by creating unique desserts with a character without crossing the line of being just in it for the trend.

Just like all other previous themes, Non-Entrée decorates their place blending their interior with the menu. Keep a lookout for the hanging plants, haystacks, and other objects on the wall and ceiling.

The highlight of this season is “Ike” (pond in Japanese).

This dessert is an understated gathering of delicately put-together disparate elements.

Swimming in poetry is the light and refreshing Koi with subtle hints of Umeshu. The ‘pebbles’ being surprising with its matcha core paired with a chewy skin; it reminds me of eating sago, but better. Black Sesame gelato accompanying a thin, crisp sesame brittle can also be seen.
Blending it all together is the ‘pond water’, a pot of light yet fragrant Hand-Roasted Sencha with Brown Rice and aged sake consommé, a slightly M18-rated dessert.

This dessert definitely encapsulates the Zen spirit of an “Urban Garden”.

Mallow Shrub Tea” is also served as a set with the “Ike” dessert (not sold separately). As expected, the presentation is superb! It’s so refreshing and compliments the dessert well.

This next dessert may not be a surprise to you with all the images you have seen online. However, it is something not to miss out on Matcha Avalanche.

The presentation of this dessert is something that will never get old. Cut the cake and watch the oozy hot ‘lava’ spill over the ice cream and cookie nougat crumbs. There was a good mix of textures, soft and creamy from the cake and ice cream, complimenting the crunch from the brittle and crumb bottom. A perfect combination of flavors.

There are so many more desserts that will be sure to blow your mind away. We love their gelato flavors! A non-Entrée Dessert is a place that will blow your mind away every single time.

Remember to charge your phone to take all the insta-worthy photos with Non-Entrée Desserts. Also, set aside some money as the desserts here are not exactly cheap. You pay for what you get. You won’t regret it!

For more info,
watch the video below:

Address: 204 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building, 218451
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
Operating Hours:
Tue – Thu: 2pm to 10pm
Fri – Sat: 2pm to 11pm
Sun: 12pm to 10pm
Closed on Mon
Tel: 9878 6543

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