Authentic Indonesian Martabak Manis right here in Singapore at Terang Bulan!

Most of us are familiar with the snack from Indonesia called martabak manis. For those who aren’t, just know that it is like a folded pancake stuffed with delicious sweet ingredients. Those who are in love with it would feel that they need to fly all the way to Indonesia to get a taste of it. However, we present you with an alternative: Terang Bulan SG. Led by Adhita and her team, they aim to serve up authentic martabak manis, AKA terbul to satiate our craving for that sweeeeeeet pancake. It can be a pretty sinful dessert in Singapore, but hey that’s the best part.

At Terang Bulan, you can get a wide variety of flavours to go with your martabak manis! However, if you can’t decide on which flavour to get, why not get a couple of them at one go? You can get a pizza terbul and your favourite flavours from the standard and premium ones. We picked 2 standards and 2 premium flavours in our pizza terbul!


We picked Kacang and Chojucang for our standard flavours. Kacang is the classic peanut topping for the martabak manis and it’s further sweetened with condensed milk drizzled on top. Chojucang is a combination of chocolate, cheese and peanut. The milky cheese together with the chocolate and the crunchy nuts is an irresistible combination that almost feels like eating a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake!

For our premium flavours, we picked green tea and pisang milo! Expect most of the premium flavours to have a chocolate/ Nutella base on the pancake, but it’s not really a bad thing, right? The green tea flavour is Nutella base topped with chopped green tea Kit Kats! You will get that matcha scent, the crunchiness from the Kitkats together with everyone’s favourite Nutella!

Now, if you have a pretty strong craving for something sweet, the Pisang Milo might be something up your alley. Nutella base, milo powder and bananas on top; what’s more to say? Chocolate and bananas are always the best fruit combination ever, and it’s made even better by the Milo!

Another must-try is the Terbul Red Velvet Cream Cheese with Oreo. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Not only that, it looks pretty with the contrast of colours! This deep red pancake is generously slathered with cream cheese and topped with oreo bits. If you’re a fan of the cream cheese red velvet cake, this one is just for you!

The next best part of the Terang Bulan is that they have food delivery services where you can have your martabak manis delivered straight to your home or office! Imagine having this sweet, sweet pancake in the comforts of your home or as your tea time pick-me-up in your office. It will definitely put a smile on your face as bright as the moon.

For more info, watch the video below:

East Village #01-04
430 Upper Changi Road
Singapore 487048
Operating Hours
Tue – Sun: 12pm – 8pm
Closed on Mondays

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