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It’s getting late. You and your friends had a really nice dinner. Now you guys want dessert. But some of your friends want something traditional, some want something modern, and some want something cold because it’s just way too hot for them. Familiar dilemma? Do not fret because there is a dessert place for everyone in your clique! At Babao Dessert, there is something for everyone. They serve up, not only the traditional hot and cold desserts but also Kakigori, Japanese shaved ice.

We tried the Durian Kakigori, Cocoa Kakigori and Mango Kakigori. You may think that shaved ice is boring. But in each of these kakigori are little surprises buried inside for a burst of flavour. The durian flavour, of course, has real durian puree layered between the shaved ice. Cocoa flavour has bits of milo nuggets beneath the mount of chocolatey goodness. And finally, the mango flavour has real mango, ice cream and sago. You can say that this is a twist on the traditional mango sago dessert!

Again, if you’re up for something traditional, they got you covered! They have the usual items like Osmanthus Jelly and Black Sesame Paste. But we couldn’t resists getting the classic Mango Sago topped with durian! The dessert is smooth, creamy and full of mango flavour! The durian made it extra rich and special.

Desserts are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends. Don’t waste it by arguing what to eat!

Here’s the exciting part!
10 lucky winners will have a chance of winning a $30 Babao Dessert voucher.

To participate in this giveaway contest, follow the steps below:
1) Like​ Facebook page
2) Share this video post
3) Tag your family or friend whom you want to bring along

The giveaway contest will end on 16 January (Tuesday) @ 6pm. The 10 lucky winners will be notified via Facebook.

For more info, watch the video below:

54 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058685
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12pm – 12am
Closed on Sun

Selected winners!
(updated on 17 January)

1. Hazwan D’Arc

2. Shin Kok

3. Siew Geok Yeoh

4. Christine Wang

5. Wong Oi Lin

6. Belicia Bel

7. Yuling Ho

8. Julie Tan

9. Simon Lau

10. Andy Neo

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