Black Knight Warrior – Taiwan’s hotpot restaurant with irresistible broth

As the name suggests, Black Knight Warrior is a strong competition for all hotpot restaurants in the market. It has been Taiwan’s crowd favourite with over 30 years of heritage. With celebrities visiting them, their name can be heard all the way from our home ground, and I’m glad to say that it’s finally in Singapore! Is their food really so fantastic? Is it worth the hype? Let’s find out!

Located The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands is Black Night Warrior’s first and only outlet in Singapore. It is famous for its flavourful broth. Their soup is prepared unlike many. Instead of boiling a large pot with little ingredients in it, it’s made individually with fresh and premium quality ingredients. With that said, you do not have to worry about bland tasting soup anymore with Black Night Warrior.

There are six choices of broth available. Most of the soup bases are sold at $38. It may not be a small amount, but it’s definitely worth it for these individually prepared soup filled with premium, edible ingredient.

The Si Chuan Spicy Hot Pot ($38), for example, comes with pieces of frozen tofu and beef tendon, while the store’s most popular Beauty Pot ($38) has chunks of pig trotter and slices of tripe.

Alternatively, you can also order a combination pot of two different stocks for $48. They all come in beautiful cloisonne pots in bright colours, decorated with floral motifs.

The other thing that made Black Night Warrior stand out was the freshness of its meat, seafood and vegetables. Holy Moly! The meat was so fresh that it melts in your mouth. They are imported either from Australia, US, or Japan. Their seafood is also mostly live. You can view them in the tanks available in store.

If you are looking for something more unique, they also offer fish paste udon, squid ink udon and their in-house special QQ noodles. We doubt you can find anything close to this in other restaurants.

We would say that Black Night Warrior is definitely a place to go if you are looking to impress someone.
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For more info,
watch the video below:

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Galleria Level B1-01B,
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972
Operating hours:
11.00am to 3.00pm, 5.30pm to 11.00pm Daily
Tel: 6688 7138

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