Cheap and Good Korean Fried Chicken and Other Food at Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill!

Let’s start with the chicken! If you want to share a platter of glorious Korean fried chicken, get the Waker Half Chicken. It’s a half chicken cut into 7 pieces, marinated for over 12 hours, and then fried upon order. Expect a bit of waiting time but definitely, it will be worth the wait. You will also get 2 dips to go with your chicken. Choose from over 12 sauces, ranging from the familiar to the unique! For instance, you can get soy flavor, sambal, or lime citrus mayo!

For those who believe that rice is life, they have a couple of rice dishes. We got perhaps one of Waker Chicken’s most famous rice dishes, Emi’s Briyani. We all know that Nasi Briyani can be quite sinful but here, they bring a healthier, Korean twist to this beloved dish. The usual Basmati rice and spices are mixed with Korean multigrain rice. The rice tastes cleaner, less greasy, and is so fragrant. It matches with their fried chicken and curry.

And to those who also say cheese is life, they got you covered too. Check out Dak’s Cheese Cutlet. It’s a pretty sizable marinated chicken thigh cutlet that is deep-fried upon order. After that, it is topped with cheese and torched till its all melty. Milky, creamy cheese together with savory, crispy fried chicken, it’s a match made in heaven. The cheese chicken is served with basmati rice mixed with brown rice and some curry. It may seem boring but it lets the chicken be the star of the show.

Presenting everyone’s favorite, the Army Stew. This is quite possibly the most affordable Army Stew to share with 2 pax. It comes with rice cakes, noodles, mushrooms, the meat of your choice, and that spicy Korean hot pepper paste. If you think that this spread is too little, you can add on meat, seafood, and even mock meat! It’s possible to have a vegetarian army stew, making it one of the rare stews where everyone can indulge!

If you and your friends are up for some grilling but don’t want to blow your budget, boy, you’re in for some good news. In this Tampines stall, it is run together with Oppa grill for a reason. They offer a Korean grill and steamboat where it comes with the typical steamboat ingredients like cabbage, egg tofu, fish balls, Siam salmon, and so forth. Choose your soup base such as the usual chicken or opt for a Korean base like Kimchi or soybean paste. Perhaps you could think of it as a Korean Mookata!

We have given you plenty of reasons why your next food escapade should be at Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill. So what are you waiting for? Get your friends together for this feast in the east!

For more info, watch the video below:

201C Tampines Street 21
Singapore 523201
Operating Hours
10.30am – 9.45pm Daily

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