Colourful, All-Natural Bubble Teas at Bobii Frutti!

Ever wondered what Mermaid’s Tears tasted like? This is your chance.

We are pretty sure that the whole of Singapore loves bubble tea. Ok, maybe not the whole of Singapore but definitely a lot of people. Today, we bring another place for you: Bobii Frutti! They are a bubble tea brand from Taiwan that is all about the colourful layers with none of the harmful stuff. That’s right. All the drinks are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from farm to table. Containing no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives whatsoever! So you can Instagram without feeling worried about the nasty stuff. Here are our recommendations!

On a hot day (which is like almost every day), a nice cup of ice-blended drink would definitely be on top of your list. Cool off with a cup of Mermaid’s Tears or have yourself some Don’t Want to Grow Up. Awesome names right? Mermaid Tears is an ice-blended butterfly pea tea drink with a layer of mango juice together with yoghurt and honey for some sweetness. At the bottom, there’s the butterfly pea bobii. The colours will remind you of the sandy beaches and the blue sea, an instant trip to a tropical paradise. This drink is really refreshing with some sweet and tangy flavours going on. Don’t Want to Grow Up is a more fruity variant with layers of strawberry and mango, blended together with fresh milk and yoghurt. Not only the layers are pretty to look at but also as sweet and tangy as the Mermaid’s Tears. This is a good alternative for those who are not a fan of tea.

For those who want something that’s totally Instagrammable, a cup of Pandora Treasure is for you. Lemon tea with butterfly pea tea together with even more lemon and honey. And for those who don’t know, the blue butterfly pea tea will change to pink when you add lemon to it! So you will get this pastel pink concoction with layers of white and blue bobii. More towards the sour side, this drink not only looks good but tastes good as well.

Matcha lovers, this is for you. You gotta get the Uji Snow. It is hand-whisked Uji matcha ( the best matcha ever) mixed with fresh milk, brown cane sugar and some original bobii. Sweet, creamy with some bitterness from the matcha, this is something that all matcha lovers will approve of. Of course, they have the usual milk teas and fruit teas too. However, instead of getting the usual milk tea, why not get their Extraordinary Bubble Milk Tea. It is black tea au lait with brown sugar bobii at the bottom. Sounds simple but you can taste the difference as they use really high-grade tea to make this drink extraordinary.

If that’s not enough, Bobii Frutti has a sweet 1-for-1 Buddy Promotion! Running for the whole of August, purchase any of their signature drinks and get a FREE Mango Yakult Green Tea! Only available from 3-6 pm at Suntec City from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 1 promo drink per customer and not applicable for delivery. All the more reason to head down to Suntec City to get your refreshing cup of Bobii Fruitti!

For more info, watch the video below:

1. Suntec City Mall
2. Clementi Mall

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