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How about enjoying authentic Thai food while supporting a good cause while you’re at it? Head down to Pope Jai Thai; they are a social enterprise providing employment and training opportunities for people with special needs, physical disabilities, or the disadvantaged community in Singapore.

They work closely with VWO and government agencies to engage multiple beneficiary groups including persons with intellectual disability, the hearing-impaired, youth-at-risk, and individuals from low-income.

Pope Jai Thai is the 1st in Singapore to hire wheelchair-bound personnel and to accommodate all eight groups of the vulnerable. Everybody working here (except the head chef) has some form of disability. Ann Shun, an individual with intellectual disabilities, is the boy behind all the chopped vegetables and preparation of the dishes.

The owner of this restaurant, Daniel, wishes to educate others on the difficulties faced by these individuals. Hence, there will be various equipment and pamphlets where their customers can learn about tunnel vision, some sign languages, and much more. Over here, they believe in an inclusive environment with no discrimination. Hence, chores such as dishwashing have got no fixed personnel handling it. Even Daniel does it himself.

Although Pope Jai Thai recruits vulnerable individuals, they still serve top quality, authentic Thai cuisine with their head chef coming all the way from Thailand. Here are some of the must-try dishes when you visit Pope Jai Thai.

Green Mango Salad ($8.80)

As we already know, the classic flavours of Thai cuisine are sweet, sour and spicy. The best food where you can find all these distinct characters are in the Thai salad.

This green mango salad (Som Tum Mamuang) is the Thai’s favourite salad, filled with a burst of tropical flavours.

Homemade Thai Fried Wonton Chicken ($8.80)


To be frank, this wonton is just like any other fried wonton out there. Nothing extraordinary neither is the portion huge.

However, what stood out was their homemade sauce made from scratch. Only the finest ingredients freshly imported from Thailand is used to make their sauces.

BBQ Pork Collar ($15)

This pork collar has just the right amount of lean meat, muscle and fats. It is well marinated with fresh Thai herbs and barbecued to the right texture. Of course, it is best dipped with their homemade Thai BBQ sauce.

Basil Minced Chicken ($12)

One of their most popular dish. This dish is best eaten with a freshly fried Kai Jiao (sunny side egg).

Ps: This dish is really spicy. Do remember to ask for less spicy if you are not someone who can’t take spices well.

Garlic Honey Chicken ($12)

This is nominated as the crew’s favourite dish! Dipped in their homemade honey sauce, sprinkled with fried garlic and sesame seed, the garlic honey chicken is sweet yet salty.

Crispy, garlic-y and sweet! So good!
Ice Tea Tower – 2 litres ($15.80)

You cannot miss out on their local Thai drinks when indulging in their cuisine. We had their Thai Green Milk Tea, and it was so satisfying. It wasn’t too sweet, and the portion given is incredible.

The tower is inexpensive considering how much they are serving us. I have to say; this is a must get or else you will regret it.

Ps: They have promotions for students. Do look at their Facebook or call in for more details.

MINDS Mineral Water ($1)

This is not just any mineral water. MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) is an organisation helping the intellectually disabled. They are selling water to help these unique individuals. You can also give a helping hand by purchasing this unique water to help fund MINDS.

Here is something interesting about this mineral water. There are 24 different colour caps on these bottles so that when you and your friends will never mix up your bottles again.

Also, do not forget to create some memory here with your friends and loved ones at their free photo booth! As long as you are their customer, they provide free polaroids photo taking. You can then hang these little happy memories of yours here at their restaurant.

What are you waiting for? Visit Pope Jai Thai today for a good cause!

Please be kind and patient to the lovable staffs here as they may work slower than most people.

For more info,
watch the video below:

Scape 2 Orchard Link #03-03
Singapore 237978
Operating hours:
12pm to 10pm daily
Tel: 6634 1238

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