Enjoy a Unique and Wallet-Friendly Hotpot Experience at Ding Xian Hot Pot!

Have you ever felt that sometimes, steamboats in Singapore are just way too expensive? Especially if you’re a small eater amidst the buffet table. Never fear, as we found another steamboat place in Singapore that is super affordable. Presenting, Ding Xian Hotpot, an ala carte steamboat restaurant where you just pay for whatever you order! It is a great way to eat your absolute favourites without having to pay for everything. Not only the price but the food there is interesting as there are some Japanese influences in some of the dishes. Check out what we got!

Let’s talk about the soups first. Like most steamboat restaurants, you will get a variety of soup bases to choose from. Usually, most people would go for herbal and Mala options for their steamboat. But how ‘bout we do things a little differently this time. We recommend getting their Bak Kut Teh soup and their Blazing Magma Miso soup base. The Bak Kut Teh soup is a nice, herbal tasting soup that goes well with a lot of the ingredients. The Blazing Magma Miso soup (the name sounds awesome, doesn’t it?) is a spicy Japanese miso soup that will surely pack a punch. It’s indeed spicy but not too much as you can drink bowls and bowls of this savoury broth. It’s certainly something different from the usual Mala.

Here comes the part where most people are interested in, the steamboat ingredients! Once again, all the ingredients are ala carte where you only pay for what you order. Prices for each serving start from $2. Expect some luxurious selections like Wagyu beef, Iberico pork, fresh scallops and even Ox tongue! And if you like, you can add in a ball of collagen into your soup for more depth of flavour and the health benefits that come with it. They also have a free-flow condiment bar so go crazy and mix up your favourite flavours.

Ding Xian also has a variety of cooked food and sweet stuff to satiate your cravings. One of the sides you can try out is the Braised Mala Chicken Feet. It’s a tasty snack that’s not overly spicy so don’t worry! If you want something sweet for dessert, do try out the Yuzu Mochi. These soft, chewy and tangy treats are refreshing; you can’t just have one!

If you ever feel like having a steamboat that’s easy on the wallet, Ding Xian Hot Pot is just for you. Another great thing about this place is that they have lunch promos where you can have your own hotpot! Now that’s a deal. After you’re done with your shopping at Suntec or want some comforting hotpot for your meal, you know where to go!

For more info, watch the video below:

Suntec City Mall #03-315
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

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