Food Roost: A twist on our typical chicken rice

When we heard that there was a restaurant specialising on one of Singapore’s favourite national dish, we were curious as to how this particular store, Roost, stood out from the rest.

Roost is known for their innovative kitchen and how they are bringing satisfaction to their customers through their inventive menu of local and Asian delights.

All the chickens at Roost are cooked using a patented automated poultry machine named iKook. The idea of this ‘made by Singaporeans’ invention was sparked by Krispy Kreme’s automated doughnut-making process.

iKook is now the world’s first automated poultry machine capable of poaching, braising and sous-vide-ing up to nine whole chickens at one go, ensuring the consistent quality of the chicken, with minimal expertise needed.

Here are some of their must-try amazing yet healthy food creations.

Chicken Sushi ($4.90)

Roost’s signature chicken sushi fuses Japanese with our most well-loved dish. Here, you will find our local flavours infused into a portion of 4 bite-sized sushi servings.Thinly sliced soya chicken is neatly placed on relatively well held up chicken rice and garnished with fried shallots. A one of a kind dish!

Crispy chicken rice balls ($4.90)

Chicken rice balls are heard of, but fried ones do not seem familiar. Sink your teeth into these tightly packed crispy fried chicken rice balls that carry a light hint of ginger and chicken stock aroma. The taste is comparable to those chicken rice balls in Malacca, flavorful in every bite.

Ps: Remember to dip these tasty balls into the curry mayo.

Yin Yang Chicken ($8.90)

Chicken & soya sauce chicken. This is the perfect dish to taste and rate the chicken cooked by iKook. The meat was moist and tender, satisfying every taste buds of ours. Just like another other chicken rice, but way better!

For more info,
watch the video below:

Address: Centrepoint B1-17/18/19, 176 Orchard Road, S238843
Nearest MRT: Somerset
Operating hours:
11am to 9pm Daily
Tel: 6909 0411

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