Halal Thai Boat Noodles at Hat Yai Noodle Cafe

Beef Boat Noodles ($1.90)

Usually, in the past, traditional Thai boat noodles are typically served in small portions on a boat along the river in Thailand. Now they are served at eateries all over Singapore so that more people can get a taste of these super cheap noodles without having to book a flight. But Hat Yai Noodle Cafe (in Singapore, not in Thailand) has stepped up to introduce Halal Thai boat noodles for everyone to enjoy! Just located in I12 Katong, this is your fast ticket to get your fix of Halal boat noodles, sides, and desserts. Check out the noodles we ordered!

Chicken Boat Noodles ($1.90)

Firstly, try out their basic boat noodles first. These boat noodles come in three different soup bases: chicken, beef, and everyone’s favorite, tom yum soup. You can also choose your favorite noodles to go with your soup like glass or wheat noodles. They come in their typical mini (AKA small) bowl and also the big bowl too. You can get them as dry noodles too, with the soup served separately.

Tom Yum Boat Noodles ($1.90)

We got their chicken and beef mini bowl and tom yum chicken mini bowl. The soup in the chicken and beef bowls is clean-tasting while the tom yum soup is spicy and tangy! The great thing about these small bowls is that you can get a variety of different flavors to sample and if you like something, you can get a big bowl.

Braised Beef Tendon ($8.50)

However, if you’re in the mood for something that has a deeper flavor, go for their braised meat noodles. It comes in their big bowl, and you can choose between braised beef tendons or braised duck, together with your favorite choice of noodles. We got the braised beef tendon noodles. The beef tendons are tender, and they have a nice taste of Thai herbs.

Thai Milk Tea ($2.80)
Thai Ice Rose Milk ($2.80)

What’s a Thai restaurant without Thai Milk Tea? Surely, you need to get their Signature Thai Milk Tea. It’s sweet with a strong tea flavor, perfect on a hot day or after eating multiple bowls of boat noodles. If you’re not a fan of tea, they have lots of other options too such as the Thai Ice Rose Milk. It is equally refreshing with the sweet aroma of the rose syrup. And of course, they have their desserts like Mango Sticky Rice and Grass Jelly which you must get.

Hat Yai Noodle Cafe is all about variety where everyone can sample and enjoy. Once again, you don’t have to fly to Thailand or even cross the causeway to get your Halal boat noodles; you just need to go to Katong 112 Katong to get your fix!

112 Katong Mall B1-18
East Coast Road
Singapore 428802
Operating Hours
11am – 9.30pm Daily

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