Hao Lai Wu Steamboat and BBQ Buffet

Opened on 9th September 2016 at Chinatown, Hao Lai Wu is a steamboat like no other. You can see the artistic yet completely functional concept behind this restaurant.

Step into their restaurant decorated with contemporary Chinese artworks and be transported to another world. Even their chairs also have an artistic design, and they have an essential function where you can put your bag inside! This way, you can ensure that your bag will be safe while you stuff yourself with the buffet.

Hao Lai Wu is famous for its crystal pot, and it’s totally not a gimmick. With the crystal pot, the surface will not get too hot, and you will not burn yourself if you accidentally touch it. This is great for families with kids or people who may be a little too clumsy. Together with the funky illumination, you can feel like royalty when you eat out of the pots.

Whenever you go to a BBQ place, you will face the problem where your clothes and hair will end up smelling like BBQ meat. Not the nicest smell to wear out in public. With their smokeless grill, you will not have this problem.

We got the 2 popular soup bases: Mala and Herbal chicken. The Mala soup base is made using an authentic Sichuan recipe, and you can customize the spiciness to your liking. The herbal chicken soup is made with real Chinese herbs and a good alternative if you do not like spicy food. Get these two soups for a different contrast of flavors!

When you feel like it, you can ask for a special egg roll to be made straight on your grill. Simply ask one of the servers, and they will gladly make you one. They will lay a clean parchment paper on the grill and pour the egg mixture full of scallions, crab meat with the option of prawns if you want. The result is a fluffy egg roll that is so delectable that you will forget that you were even full.

After having your fill of meat and egg, it’s time for dessert! Hao Lai Wu sells ice-cream rolls where you can watch the people making them for you.

Now the exciting part!

To participate in this giveaway contest, follow the steps below:
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The giveaway contest will end on 5th January 2018 (Friday) @ 6pm. The 2 lucky winners will be notified via Facebook.

For more info, watch the video below:

8 Sago Street, Singapore 059012

Operating hours:
11am – 3am Daily

Selected winners!
(Updated on 8 January)

Congratulations to the winners

1) Kim Hakuro

2) Ren Jie Chen


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