Hararu Izakaya: Singapore’s first Halal Izakaya

When you think of a typical Izakaya, you might think that there is going to be a lot of booze involved and that some of us would be missing out on that experience. But not at Hararu Izakaya. As you could tell by the name, Hararu means Halal in Japanese, and in this Izakaya, they specialize in providing authentic ambience as what you would get in a typical Izakaya in Japan.

Step inside this halal Japanese restaurant and be transported to Japan with their beautiful motifs and decorations. They offer to counter seating on the first floor, but the real deal is on the second floor as it is a Tatami dining area. Remove your shoes before stepping in and settle down on the mats on the floor. Place your order for drinks and the bar food and start enjoying yourselves!

Pick from a wide variety of bar-style Halal Japanese food ranging from grilled seafood, seared meat and skewers. The chef recommends that you order a few items at a time so that you can savour them properly. We recommend getting charcoal-grilled items like that Surume Ika and Sake Hararu Mentai Yaki as you can really taste the smoky flavours without the seafood being overcooked!

All the food sounds good but waits till you hear about the drinks! All the mocktails, fizzes, milkshakes and more are specially prepared in-house that you definitely have to try. For a start, try out the Cucumber Yuzu Fizz! It will cool you down while giving a refreshingly sour taste. You can even have some de-alcoholised wine to pair with your food!

For those who always wanted to visit an Izakaya, this is your chance at Hararu Izakaya! It’s the perfect chillout place with your family and friends. Give them a call to reserve a spot as this place can get packed!

For more info, watch the video below:

16 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199437
Operating Hours:
12pm to 11pm Daily

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