Healthy, Delicious and Full of Mushrooms at Xiangcao Xiangcao

You guys have probably been to lots of steamboat restaurants that it has become quite boring already. Same old meat, seafood and veggies buffet spread. However, we have found a place that is different, delicious and yes, healthy! At Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot, they feature some of the best ingredients and concepts straight from Yunnan. They focus on one of the most underrated ingredients, the mushroom. And no, it’s not the usual enoki or shiitake mushrooms but rather many varieties of wild mushrooms from Yunnan. Expect nothing but the best here, read on to see what we mean!

Let’s start with the soup bases. You will get 4 bases: tomato, herbal, mala, and mushroom soups. The tomato soup is sweet and tangy as it is made with fresh tomatoes every day while the herbal soup is a clean-tasting soup made with lots of herbs and spices. The mala soup is made from lots of Sichuan chilis that were fried before boiling it into the stock, making it much more fragrant, less salty, and easier to eat. However, the main star is the special mushroom soup that is boiling in the middle! This soup is made from over 15 types of wild mushrooms from Yunnan and boiled for over 17 hours till they get a concentrated, fragrant and rich soup. Why so special? We will tell you more later!

As with most steamboat buffets, you will get a huge variety of free-flow meat, seafood, vegetables, and more. But what makes this place different from the rest is the quality of the ingredients. You are not going to get the typical wholesale or frozen ingredients for sure. You can indulge in some free-range Wagyu beef and mutton slices from Australia and Yunnan respectively; you can really taste the quality. Their handmade prawn balls are also really good as they are made with 100% wild-caught prawns, no fillers at all. After all, that meat, have yourself some of their special Jianshui tofu which is made with spring water. Smooth, tender with a mochi-like texture, it’s definitely not like your ordinary block of tofu.

And now for the main star once again, the mushrooms. This is where the special mushroom pot comes in. The wild mushrooms cooked in the pot and served separately to avoid the flavours from being mixed with the other soups. Each mushroom has a specific cooking time to follow in order to get the best flavours and textures. Don’t worry if you can’t handle that responsibility, the friendly servers are there to help you with the cooking! Enjoy all the savouriness and health benefits these mushrooms have to offer!

While waiting for the soup to warm up and the food to cook, have yourself some sides. There are around 10 dishes to choose from small meat dishes to veggies to munch on. For instance, try some orange-flavored wild portobello mushrooms that are packed with vitamin C and good for your complexion. Or some aged vinegar spinach for a refreshing palate cleanser and an iron boost.

While chowing down all the hotpot stuff, be sure to get one of their special drinks too. These drinks have their own special health benefits, so pick the one that you would like to have. For one, get the Hawthorn jelly juice. This drink is good for digestion, heart, and cholesterol control. Or how bout some cancer-busting wild sea-buckthorn juice that is packed with antioxidants that will make you feel great on the inside.

Now you guys see why this place isn’t like any other steamboat restaurant right? Do pay them a visit if you want a wholesome steamboat buffet coupled with good service. And they are open till 2 am so you can have a nice steamboat supper to end off your night!

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26 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189047

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