Hougang Muah Chee: The famous artisanal black muah chee

Muah chee is Singaporean’s version of mochi. This traditional snack can be found almost every where, especially in Pasar Malams. However, many of these muah chee stalls have dropped in standards, and it’s difficult to find one that will satisfy our cravings.

This stall called “Hougang Six Miles Famous Muah Chee” is located inside Gourmet Paradise Food Court at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. Upon ordering at this humble store, you’ll see the uncle rolling the muah chee into small balls before dipping in scallion oil and dunking them into either crush peanuts or black sesame!

I mean, have you ever heard of BLACK muah chee?!?

The owner of started making muah chee at the age of 14. He insisted on using hands to prepare the muah chee, making it more tender.

This is by far the chewiest and most fragrant muah chee in Singapore, thanks to the copious amount of ground peanuts and black sesame. These muah chee are so pillowy soft that you won’t be able to resist, gobbling it all down.

There are 3 different portions available: small (S$2.50), medium (S$3.50) and large (S$5.50). Only one flavour is allowed for the smallest portion. However, you can opt to mix both the black and white muah chee for the medium and large portion.

Make sure to visit this store everytime you pop by Toa Payoh hub.

For more info,
watch the video below:

Address: Toa Payoh Hdb Hub, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, S310480
Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh
Operating hours:
10.30am to 9.30pm Daily
Tel: 81206519

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