Huge Seafood Platter

Located at Bugis Cube, this restaurant will serve up a massive and epic seafood steamboat for you and your friends.

In this giant steamboat, there is, you guessed it, a heck load of seafood! There are lobsters, oysters, crayfish, crabs, scallops; quite possibly the seafood steamboat of your dreams. Also, there are other steamboat ingredients like pork, chicken, vegetables.

All these ingredients are simmered in the spicy mala broth which will guarantee to leave your mouth tingly. The broth is made of 10 spices, which towards the end of this bonanza, it would have absorbed all the seafood flavours. It becomes savoury and highly addictive, right until the last drop! Of course, they have a clear broth if you prefer a non-spicy alternative which is equally as good as the mala.

Jiu Gong Ge also has Lok Lok going for 50 cents per skewer! Pick from a wide variety of skewered meat and vegetables and simmer them in your favourite soup!

This is not a battle to solo all by yourself so make sure to bring all your friends along!

Here comes the best part!
3 lucky winners will each get to enjoy Jiu Gong Ge’s Seafood Platter (worth $58++).

To participate in this giveaway contest, follow the steps below:
1) Like and 九宫格火锅
2) Like and Share this video post
3) Tag your friends or family you want to share the food with

The giveaway contest will end on 19th February 2018 (Monday) @ 6pm. The 3 lucky winners will be notified via Facebook.

For more info, watch the video below:

Bugis Cube #01-02/03/04
470 North Bridge
Singapore 188735
Opening Hours:
11am – 2am daily

-Updated on 20 February-
Congratulations to the selected winners!

1. Leong L Can

2. Dan Leong

3. Michelle Michie

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