Huggs-Epigram: Sip Your Coffee At This Hidden Bookshop Gem

Bookworms and coffee lovers unite!

Huggs Coffee Shop and Epigram have collaborated to open Huggs-Epigram – the Coffee Bookshop dedicated to featuring local books with a cup of rich and piping hot coffee. The store’s tagline is, ‘Hold Singapore in Your Hands’ – and they mean that literally through two significant items.

Together, the duo believes in spreading the word of local talent and blended coffees – and how these two are a match made in heaven.

Huggs-Epigram spans over 980 square feet on the ground floor of The URA Centre. And once you step into the store, the first thing that will catch your eye will unquestionably be the 11m-long bookshelf display of over 400 books – namely about Singapore or otherwise, written by Singaporean authors or publishers.

Aside from the variety of fantastic reads, the heavenly aroma from a cup of coffee (and not to forget – it’s burst in flavour from the roasted coffee beans), the delightful Huggs-Epigram is simply a cafe you must visit – regardless of whether you are a local or tourist.

So, what tasty delights can you expect when you’re making your way there?

Homely & tasty coffee – like no other


Huggs Coffee will be the one in charge of serving visitors a splendid blend of coffee. They specialize in mainly four kinds of beverages – their H-blend, K-blend, Sumatran Coffee & Teas and Althaus Teas. But for those who like to stick to the usual blends, don’t sweat it – they have your standard lattes, cappuccinos and espressos.

From their fancy menu, you will find yourself being spoilt for choice – because we definitely were.

Curiosity killed the cat – but not at Huggs-Epigram. If a particular drink has piqued your interest, it’s the cue to grab that drink. Well, if you’re not sure of what to choose – we’re here to give you a few mouth-watering picks.

Latte Gula


Is it time to go ‘gila’ once again for gula melaka?

Nothing can compare to gula melaka. Gula melaka ice cream, cake, muffin – it’s really ruling the dessert world. But now, it can even be found in most people’s favourite classic – coffee.

The Latte Gula ($5) is a unique blend of palm sugar with hints of coconut flavour. Though many would think that the sweetness of the beverage will be overpowering – truth be told, it’s like requesting for the perfect sugar level for your bubble tea – all nice and perfect.

The drink is well-balanced, and neither one of the ingredients overwhelms the other. It’s a perfect harmony of coffee, gula melaka and coconut.

Turmeric Latte


Did we just say Turmeric Latte? That’s right; we’re talking about the golden spice – the member of the ginger family.

At Huggs-Epigram, the Turmeric Latte ($5), is a blend of seven spices. And it will be served fresh but piping hot – as it has been believed that ice will ruin the taste completely.

If you’re planning to order this while you’re there, you can look forward to its creamy taste that is both sweet and savoury. But more importantly, it’s the go-to beverage for the healthy bunch as turmeric is not only famous for being a spice that is seen in many dishes – but one that comes with numerous health benefits like being immunity-boosting and high in antioxidant.

Sumatra Kopi


Beans from Sumatra will always be the crowd favourite – though not among everyone.

Between the choice of sweetened or evaporated milk, you will find yourself savouring a different taste when you pick one of the two. But what remains the same will be coffee’s low acidity that has always drawn in coffee drinkers – and those who tend to have an upset stomach.

Well, the taste of a Sumatra Kopi from Huggs-Epigram is slightly spicy but is rich and delicious. For those who are not a big fan of its spiciness – you can opt for sweetened milk to tone it down a little.

These are just a few beverages that we recommend you to try – it doesn’t mean that the rest aren’t as tasty. If you’re planning to make a visit – feel free to pick one of the above or even be adventurous and try something else instead!

Other food delights


Besides great coffee, you can also expect to indulge in snacks and treats to go with your beverage and book.

Huggs-Epigram’s convenient bites range includes – cakes, sweets, sandwiches, wraps to pastries. You can try the classic Red Velvet Cake ($6.80) for those with a sweet tooth or the Thai Chicken Wrap ($5) for meat eaters.

Whether it’s to kill time by flipping a book or to pamper yourself with a good cup of coffee – Huggs-Epigram does both jobs pretty well. Though we have emphasized greatly on its vast and flavoursome menu – the mountain of books to be looked upon is truly a spectacle that you cannot miss. So, better get there as soon as you can for either of the wonderful choices!

Perk: Huggs-Epigram’s weekly Authors-in-Attendance programme is where a local artist, poet or author will have a table reserved for them to do their work or gain inspiration. However, visitors can feel free to speak to them or get their signature.

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