Jenggood Jom Makan: Lobster Laksa Udon

At Jenggood Jom Makan, expect the unconventional but pretty damn good food! They only aim to bring the tastiest dishes to you, and they do so by taking their traditional recipes and adding some fusion twists to them.

To demonstrate, just check out the Boston lobster laksa AKA The Lakster. This a bowl full of awesomeness as it is full of seafood like mussels, prawns, squid, and of course the meaty lobster! Accompanying the seafood is a hearty serving of udon noodles with a side of cucumber and shredded egg on top. All of that is slathered with thick and flavorsome laksa gravy which are all absorbed thoroughly by the noodles and seafood! Since it’s only available on Fridays and the weekend, it is the perfect way to end the work week!

However, if you’re not a fan of seafood, don’t fret! Jenggood Jom also has a couple of non-seafood dishes that will surely put a smile on your face! For instance, they have Beef Bakso Balls Laksa Udon. These Indonesian meatballs are deep-fried and slathered with that thick laksa gravy to absorb all that flavor as well. This makes for a quick and hearty meal that is definitely good for the soul.

Want something lighter? Try their Roti Kirai! It is a “net bread”, and is served with the gravy of your choice! And yes, you can get it with their Bakso balls! They are served with a sweet Thai sauce that complements the roti and the balls so well.

This place is definitely worth the journey to the west.

For more info, watch the video below:

Blk 214 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 600214
Opening Hours
Mon – Tues/Thur: 6.30am – 7pm
Fri – Sun: 6.30am – 10pm
*The Lobster Laksa is only available on Fri – Sun: 5pm – 10pm*

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