Mookata Katong – Traditional Thai BBQ

Well, you can find it at Mookata! Yeap that’s the name, and they serve up a pretty good meat fiesta!

You will be grilling your food on white charcoal, which is a gamechanger as it gives all the meat a nice smoky flavour! Now don’t worry about smelling too much like a Thai bbq as there are extendable ventilation hoods to suck up the excess fumes. Choose your soup base between Tom Yum or broth to fill the trough. Wait till the bbq grill is warmed up, and the soup boiling; it’s time to start cooking the hot pot!

Grease the grill with the fragrant lard and place the meat on it. Mookata offers their signature meat like pork belly and collar, chicken thigh, and much more. Do also try out the other ala carte items like the Tom Yum marinated meat and premium selections like Wagyu and Kurobuta.

Boil up their fresh seafood, surimi, and vegetables while waiting for your meat. The juices from the grilled meat will trickle down into the broth, giving it extra flavor. This soup is good till the last drop.

Once the food is all cooked, you can dip them into their homemade chilli sauce. It comes with 3 levels of spiciness so pick your favourite! If you’re up for a challenge, level 3 is for you!

Of course, this place lives up to its name! If you are craving Thai food or Thai cuisine, you definitely must try them out here in Singapore.

For more info,
watch the video below:

103 East Coast Road
Singapore 428797
Operating Hours:
Mon – Thu: 5pm -12am
Fri: 5pm  – 1am
Sat/PH: 12pm – 1am
Sun: 12pm – 12am

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