Pink, Black, Yellow, Green & White Pizza?

Golden Mile, also known as “Little Thailand” in Singapore, is famous for its Thai culture and cuisine. Many patronise the well-known eateries there frequently. However, do you know that there’s a hidden gem in Golden Mile Tower selling Colourful Italian Pizza?

This new addition of PocoLoco Pizzeria and its organic rainbow-hued pizzas have sprinkled a touch of delicious magical fairy dust into this shopping centre.

PocoLoco Pizzeria, the expansion of the original PocoLoco from Ang Mo Kio has one goal; to put up a quality Italian styled menu at an affordable “heartland friendly” price. A godsend for seekers of fine Italian cuisine who do not wish to pay through their noses for a true taste of Italy. PRICES OF THE PIZZA GO AS LOW AS $9!!!

The colourful pizzas here are made to order and the dough is made fresh every day. KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR THE 5 DIFFERENT COLOURED DOUGHS!
Pink – Beetroot – Prosciutto e Rucola ($15)

Ingredients: Parma Ham, Rocket Salad, Mozzarella cheese & Tomato sauce

The Proscuitto e Rucola Pizza will hit the spot if you’re looking for the true Italian pizza toppings.
The subtly sweet, pretty pink beetroot crust is slathered with tomato sauce, layered with mozzarella cheese and savoury Parma ham. Each bite yielded a smoky, salty and woody flavour from the parma ham with the evergreen, slightly bitter arugula offsetting the rich and creamy density of the cheese.

Black – Squid Ink – Granchio ($14)

Ingredients: Crabmeat, Tomato, Cream & Mozzarella cheese

If you love crab meat, this is the one for you! Creamy tomato sauce topped with a liberal amount of crab meat. Nothing too fanciful, yet a perfect pizza combination.

Yellow – Saffron – Mare ($16)

Ingredients: Mixed Seafood, Mozzarella cheese & Tomato sauce

This was our favourite! A generous amount of prawn and squid are spread around the pizza. Pizza topping can come off pretty dry sometimes. However, this pizza is the opposite. The pizza wasn’t too dry and had just the right amount of moisture, not ruining the crispy crust.

Green – Seaweed – Mentaiko ($13)

Ingredients: Mentaiko, Cream sauce & Mozzarella cheese

Whenever anything Mentaiko is seen on a menu, people go crazy for it. There’s mentaiko salmon, mentaiko pasta and now mentaiko pizza?!!?! Yes, you are seeing it right! Let me just say this, PocoLoco sure does not cut back on the amount of mentaiko being spread across the pizza. Yummy!

White – Original – Bolognese ($13)

Ingredients: Minced Beef, Mozzarella cheese & Truffle essence

Talking about Italian cuisine, how can anyone miss out on anything with Bolognese fillings? It a ‘so’ Italian thing. Just imagine eating a bolognese pasta but with a crispy pizza base and tons of cheese.


PS: The type of dough varies daily depending on the chef. Some days you will get the regular crust while other days you may get surprised with saffron, squid ink, spinach, beetroot or maybe even seaweed. So remember to ring the restaurant up so as not to get disappointed.

If pizza isn’t your kind of thing, fret not. PocoLoco Pizzeria also serves many other fantastic, tasty and affordable Italian appetisers and mains. Here are just some of what we’ve tried.

Melone – Rock Melons with Parma Ham – ($7)

This dish is sure one hell of an interesting creation. Parma Ham with Rock Melons?? We were surprised as to how well these two sweet and salty ingredients go together.
I will highly recommend this if you are daring enough to give it a try.

Cozze – Steamed black mussel in saffron cream sauce – ($10)

Definitely worth your money with the number of mussels they serve. We were taken aback by how generous they are with the portion. The mussels were incredibly fresh. I just wish the sauce had some wine in it to complete the dish.


Granchio – Crabmeat in pink sauce – ($12)

Tasty! The pasta had a nice al-dente texture to it. Can’t decide between tomato or cream? Why not have both! With that said the fact that there’s cream inside increases the‘ gelat’ taste of this dish.

Anatra – Smoked duck in cream sauce – ($12)

I personally love this pasta. Tagliatelle in a rich, creamy and buttery sauce. The texture of the pasta is the best, perfectly cooked. This is a cream pasta, but I did not seem to find it sickening as it was so good.


Pollo Alla Cordon Bleu – Chicken tender with Parma ham, Burrata cheese & Parmesan cheese – ($18)

There is no way you will be able to get this specific dish in the market for this price. I genuinely feel that for the amount of effort placed into this dish by the chef, their customers are underpaying.
The chicken tenders are stuffed with burrata, parmesan and parma ham. Crispy on the outside, tender and soft on the inside. Watch the cheese flow out of this stuffed chicken as you cut into it.

Enjoy a 10% off total bill* when you present your student pass at Pocoloco Pizzeria! Valid till 30th Sept 2017. Why wait, head down to PocoLoco today!

*Not valid on weekends and public holidays. This 10% discount cannot be applied together for other promotion or discount.

For more info,
watch the video below:

Golden Mile Tower #̆B1-65
6001 Beach Road
Singapore 199589
Operating hours:
12pm – 3pm, 6pm to 10pm Daily
Tel: 8437 3777

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