Pink Risotto and Terrarium Cakes!

An epiphyte is a café with a charming concept that is a garden. Visitors can indulge in the artistic and colourful interior of this café as its walls and tables are decorated with vibrant plants and little terrariums.

The café gets an extra mystical feel to the garden theme with its use of fairy lights.

But apart from the attractive interior, their food is also as art and of the garden theme as well.

The rich and creamy pink risotto is one of Epiphyte’s specialities. It is cooked and naturally coloured with beetroot, topped with seaweed, green onions and pan-seared fresh scallops. This is a dish that not only looks good but tastes good as well.

They also boast another speciality: their terrarium cakes to match the whole terrarium theme. The cakes are sculpted to look as realistic as possible, and yes, everything in the glass is edible! To bring it to the next level, pour in the shot of peach liquor sauce for some added sweetness and “oomph” factor to the cake.

For more info,
Watch the video below:

Address: 47 Neil Road, Singapore 088827
Operating Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 10am to 11pm
Fri & Sat: 10am to 1am
Tel: 9138 3315

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