Pizza Maru: Korea’s Largest Pizza Chain

Korea’s largest pizza chain is finally open in Singapore! Pizza Maru is especially well-known for their patented pizza doughs and their special flavours. To keep things consistent and as authentic as possible, they only use flour directly imported from Korea. So, what you get is the same as the original Korean version.

If this is your first time going to Pizza Maru, you must get the Real BBQ Chicago Pizza and the Mango Ocean Pizza.

The BBQ pizza is topped with many ingredients like chicken, onion and tomato but also with almond flakes and icing sugar. Now you may think that the sugar and almonds are a strange combo to a pizza but believe us, it complements the BBQ flavours really well. It is served on the hearty black rice pizza dough which has a rustic taste and chewy texture! And the best part, it is loaded with several kinds of cheese for that epic cheese stretch!

The tangy Mango Ocean Pizza is topped with ingredients like mango chunks, shrimp, scallop and broccoli and served on their patented Green Tea Wellbeing pizza dough. This healthy dough is made with green tea, 12 kinds of cereals and chlorella and fermented for over 24 hours. And to make things extra special, you can upgrade to the Golden Edge crust that is stuffed with cheese and luscious sweet potato.

If you’re feeling for something a little bit more deep-fried, Pizza Maru has got you covered. They serve up some pretty good fried chicken such as the Onion Tartar and Supa Hot Dak Ganjeong. All these fried chickens will come with a generous serving of sauces and a side of pickles to refresh your taste buds.

And last, but definitely not least, the Bibimbap Tower! This is an epic take on the classic Bibimbap as it is presented to you as a tower of chicken Spam and rice goodness. Topped with Sriracha sauce, cheese, and a huge helping of fried seaweed and potato bits, this is perfect to share with your friends and on Instagram too!

For more info, watch the video below:

Northpoint City (South Wing) #B1-192/193
1 Northpoint Drive
Singapore 768019
Opening hour:
11.30am – 10pm

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