Prawn Mee with a Modern Twist at Prawnaholic!

Lots of things going on at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre with new stalls and schemes popping up. The latest happening is Prawnaholic which takes prawn noodles to the next level! Opened by Chef Alan and his team, they level up the humble prawn mee with lots of luxurious ingredients, mainly their Kurobuta pork slices. You heard us right, Kurobuta pork slices covered in teriyaki sauce and torched till it’s all smokey and chargrilled. Of course, the Kurobuta pork is not the only thing to look forward to. Check out what we got ‘cause we bet that you’ll fly to Pasir Ris after reading this.

Firstly, you gotta get their King Prawn Noodles! We got the dry noodles version. It is similar to their special prawn noodles just that it’s topped with succulent king prawns! These prawns are
so fresh and sweet which is a sure treat for most of us. And of course, topped with that delicious Kurobuta pork and some sakura ebi for an added crunch. All of that sounds good, but the real winner is in the dark sauce. This secret concoction, created by Chef Alan himself, is full of sweet and savoury flavours that balance out perfectly. Stir up the noodles and generously coat them with the sauce. Add on an onsen egg for added richness, and you will get the perfect bowl of modern prawn mee.

While feasting on their prawn noodles, why not get some sides? You definitely must get their prawn balls with salted egg mayo! They sell only 15 dishes for the day, so you need to hurry and order them fast! These are homemade prawn balls filled with real prawn meat and deep-fried till they are golden brown! So light, crispy and bursting with prawn flavours, this is great as a snack or to eat with your prawn mee. Slather on the sweet and creamy salted egg mayo for more flavour, or if you prefer a spicier kick, you can opt for some wasabi mayo!

Fried fish skin lovers, this one’s for you! Prawnaholic also takes this snack up a notch. Presenting, the fried salmon skins with pork and salted egg mayo. The salmon skins are fried till they are crunchy and tasty. You can eat them by themselves, but why not throw in some Kurobuta pork! It may seem like an odd combo to add in Kurobuta pork, but heck, it goes super well with the salmon skins. The sweet smokiness from the teriyaki Kurobuta pork, together with the crispy, salty salmon skins and of course topped with that salted egg mayo. It’s going to be so addictive that you can’t stop eating.

There is many more to try, with new items to be added in the future! Prawnaholic certainly gives
the classic prawn noodles a nice modern twist! Definitely worth the trip to Pasir Ris, especially
for those prawn balls and Kurobuta pork. Order early to avoid disappointment as they sell out
fast! While you’re at Pasir Ris Hawker Centre, get your hands on some affordable gourmet burger at Burgernomics!

Pasir Ris Hawker Centre
110 Pasir Ris Central #02-12
Singapore 519641

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