Sinful, Epic, Awesome Deep-Fried Goodness at Fat Monkeys

Feast your eyes and stomachs at Fat Monkeys, a hawker stall in Kovan that serves western food. Not just any western food but sinful, deep-fried awesomeness. Owned by Chef Ram and his team of not-so-fat monkeys, they do deep-fried food justice as the food they serve looks epic and tastes really good. Read on to find out more, though be warned that this brand of western food is not for the health-conscious.

Let’s start with something small, the Deep-fried Mac and Cheese Balls. Check out these golden-brown bread beauties that are about the size of your palm. Inside is stretchy, gooey cheese that is instant food porn right there. The pasta is perfectly cooked and it’s cheesy and creamy, just like how mac and cheese should be. And the breaded crust around the balls adds a nice crunch to the pasta, making it an addictive side to have. Share this with your friends, and they will be sure to want more!

And now for the main event, Da Bomb. It is a deep-fried cheeseburger. Ok, it’s not exactly a cheeseburger dipped in batter and fried up like an oily mess. But rather, it is a meat patty enclosed in pastry, deep-fried, and served with fries and salad. You can choose either chicken or beef patty. This pastry bomb is also stuffed with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, crispy streaky bacon, and their homemade BBQ sauce. Once you cut open the pastry, the juices from the meat and bacon will flow out. The succulent meat patty together with the onions, cheese bacon, and pastry, is the best combination ever. Sinful pleasure first, calorie counting later.

However, if you want something lighter, Fat Monkeys has just the thing: Fish Two Ways. They are fish and chips served with black pepper crab sauce, chili crab sauce, and their homemade tartar sauce. The fish fillets are light and crispy as they are beer-battered and deep-fried upon order. And since the fish itself has a light taste too, it lets the sauces take the spotlight! And since you have 3 distinct sauces, you can come up with all sorts of flavor combinations to suit your tastes. The possibilities are endless!

Not only sinful deep-fried food, Fat Monkeys now has a spicy food challenge that only those with extremely high levels of spice tolerance can try (please note that Fat Monkeys nor Marchh will not be liable for any suffering caused by this challenge). But whatever you’re there for, Fat Monkeys will not disappoint when it comes to their food that is good for the soul.

965 Upper Serangoon Rd,
Stall 5
Singapore 534721
Operating Hours:
Sun – Thu : 5pm-12am
Fri – Sat : 5pm- 2am

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