Super Delicious Charcoal Fire, MSG-Free, Mookata at Thai Hao Chi Mookata!

If you want a no-nonsense, charcoal fire mookata, Thai Hao Chi Mookata is for you. Located at Upper Thomson, this is a Thai restaurant is especially known for its MSG-free and high-quality mookata that attracts customers like a magnet. You may end up smelling like BBQ smoke but it will all be all worth it as every single piece of meat will have the irresistible chargrilled flavor. Just like how a traditional mookata should be. Check out what we have ordered!

Thai Style Sliced Abalone

Start off your meal with a luxurious plate of Thai-style sliced abalone! It is sliced abalone, together with chopped onions, coriander, chilis, and Thai dressing. Tangy, a little spicy, and full of Thai flavors, this is a great appetizer to start with while waiting for the mookata grill to warm up and cook your meat!

Usually, mookata places would take the shortcut and use MSG ladened soup for the mookata. That’s bad news, especially to those intolerant to MSG. However, here at Thai Hao Chi, their soup is naturally made by boiling one whole chicken till all the goodness is extracted. With no added salt and sugar, this is a clean-tasting soup that makes this mookata little bit healthier. And with all the meat juices flowing into the soup, it’s gonna be an all-natural, rich soup.

And as with most mookata places, you can expect a wide variety of ingredients as well as a few interesting ones as well at Thai Hao Chi. For one, Thai Hao Chi focuses on the quality of the ingredients, expect some top-notch selections from there. All the meat, such as the chicken and the pork belly, is hand-cut and marinated in-house. No frozen wholesale meat. And yes, they do not contain MSG or any nasty stuff so you can carry eating without feeling thirsty or jelak. If you’re spoilt for choice, you can get a set for 2-3 pax and add on more stuff if you’re still hungry. The set contains the usual stuff like chicken, pork, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, and eggs.

Wagyu Beef

However, be sure to also get their oysters and Wagyu beef! The oysters are so fresh, plump, and juicy, you can grill them to perfection! The sliced Wagyu does not have marination, but rather it’s just seasoned with salt, allowing you to get the pure taste of the beef together with the chargrilled smokiness.

Bak Kwa

Honorary mention to the Bak Kwa, ‘cause you can never ever find Bak Kwa at a mookata restaurant. The Bak Kwa is made especially for this restaurant, and in all honesty, it can compete with some of the big names out there. Sweet, smoky, and meaty, you can eat it as it is or you can grill them! Freshly grilled Bak Kwa is the bomb.

Thai Milk Tea & Green Tea

With all that heat coming out of the grill, you will need a drink to cool off. Definitely get their Thai Milk Tea because what’s a mookata party without the Thai Milk Tea. This milk tea is made from their special, secret recipe of which you will surely taste the difference. If you’re not a fan of tea, don’t worry as they have a variety of soft drinks as well. We recommend getting the bottled soft drinks because all soft drinks in a glass bottle taste a million times better. We got the Fanta bottled drinks but they have Coke and Sprite as well!

Chang Beer

Beer fans, this one is for you! Order a bottle of Chang beer, and you can get the second bottle at only 50 cents! And if that’s not all, you can get a bucket of 6 for a pretty sweet deal and a sure-win lucky draw for some goodies! Also, do check out their beer challenges and other promos as they are always spicing up the dining experience.

With friendly staff serving you and helping, Thai Hao Chi is the place to go if you want some pretty good charcoal fire mookata. This year is their 5th anniversary; it goes to show that whatever they are doing, they are doing it right. Drop by for dinner or supper, and you will be leaving happily filled with mookata.

Here comes the exciting part!
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For more info, watch the video below:

908 Upper Thomson Rd
Singapore 787111
Operating hours:
Mon – Sun : 5pm – 1am
(Last order : 11pm)

Contest Winners
Congratulations to the selected winners!

  1. Lee Hoay Fern
  2. Kah Hwee Tey
  3. Ng Mei Qi

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