Taiwanese desserts starting from $2

Recently a dessert store has gained a lot of attention from the public. It is a local brand in Singapore that specializes in Taiwanese dessert, Nine Fresh.

Nine Fresh is appealing to the crowd in Singapore as their price points are attractive. Their Taiwanese desserts are starting from $2, being very affordable. Besides that, their desserts are made and served fresh daily without the addition of artificial coloring or preservatives.

We chose from the wide variety of desserts and decided to try the Durian Yin-Yang and Nine Fresh Signature. They were so generous with their toppings.

Durian Yin-Yang

As the name (yin-yang) suggests, there will be both black and white ingredients in the dessert. This dessert contains beancurd, grass jelly, black sugar jelly dice, taro balls, and of course, durian ice cream.
Do not even get me started on the beancurd. It is less sweet as compared to LaoBan (老伴) and it has just the perfect texture.

Nine Fresh Signature

We think that this dessert is such a value for money ($2.50) for some ingredients it contains. There were beancurd, grass jelly, red bean, pinto bean, peanut, and taro balls. We love its price point.

For more info,
watch the video below:

Looking for a less sinful and non-jerlat dessert? You have to try Nine Fresh out!

Visit any of their 15 outlets today!

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