The Great Food Festival: Roll away in sweet times with over 300 desserts!

The Great Food Festival will never be GREAT without desserts. I mean, who doesn’t like desserts?!?

Rollin’ Sweet Times is Asia’s largest consumer dessert and pastry showcase, with over 300 delectable creations to be tried or taken home. Rub shoulders with the trendiest bakers and dessert chefs from all around the globe. Be stupefied with these Instagram-worthy desserts starting from just $4!

Here are just some of the desserts to look out for.

Baked by Andres (Australia)
Baking cute cartoon desserts are Andres Fatso’s specialties. Name your favorite cartoon character, and Andres will be sure to be able to design it.

Dome Cakes
Chocolate Shell Casing filled with Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Crumb Base

Character macarons: Kawaii macarons
From Keroppi to Baymax, an array of faces from various cartoons

Glo-ghost: Glow in the dark ghost

Black Star Pastry (Australia)
Chris Thé is the director of Black Star Pastry. He is driven by a taste-up philosophy of food design rather than appearances, and this can be discerned in every piece of deliciousness he creates. Taste and feel the difference with Black Star Pastry desserts.

Strawberry Watermelon Cake
Almond Dacquoise, Rose Scented Cream, Watermelon, Strawberries, Pistachios, Dried Rose Petals

Glownut: Glow in the Dark Donuts
N2 Extreme Gelato (Australia)
Min Chai’s flavors can be wonderfully attention-seeking (such as Ferrero Reveal or Chinese Cough Syrup), cheeky and controversial (think 2 Girls, 1 Cup), and straight-up great (Buttered Popcorn, Tease Ma Malt).

Yuzu Sorbet
This dessert also glows in the dark.

Sessions (Singapore)
Award-winning Chef Kenny Kong is the Executive Pastry Chef of Sessions. He currently oversees the pastry business unit in the resort and is responsible for many stunning cakes and petit fours that are showcased at RWS restaurants.

Amazing Frozen
Homemade Lemon Grass Frozen Yoghurt, Sesame Seed Tulip, Pomegranate Yoghurt Crisp, Asian Fruits Compote, Candies Floss Light Stick

Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea & Coffee
Angie, a fan of egglets herself, is determined to being quality yummy yet affordable egglets to the local market. After tireless experimentation, she finally perfected her recipe to yield a crisp outer layer and fluffy soft inside.

Charcoal Cheese Egglet

Shaun Teo Creations (Malaysia)
You may have seen his creative bakes on Instagram @shaunteocreations

The young and talented pastry chef is known for his colorful tiered buttercream cakes, customized cake pops especially the totally adorable unicorn Pusheen themed ones.

Boufe Boutique Cafe (Singapore)
Boufe Boutique Cafe provides an array selection of cakes for those who are sweet-toothed. Each cake is beautifully designed so don’t forget to take an Insta-worthy shot with one of them.

Mini Unicorn Cake
Made with coconut mousse, mango cremeux, vanilla sponge, white milk glaze, and white chocolate horns and ears.

Milky Way
filled with white chocolate, yogurt mousse, honey genoise (Italian sponge cake), calamansi jelly, and a piece of chocolate sable supporting the cake.

Cupplets (Singapore)
Cupplets believes that there is more to cakes than just cakes alone. Their creativity is boundless, and they believe in constantly trying out new ideas. They can bring a new color palette every time. That’s the beauty of art.

Cupplets tarts

The desserts are not the only attraction at the Rollin’ Sweet Times. Join the masterclasses or walk around this convention center visiting the inflatable bounce house filled with plastic balls and huge watermelon, popsicle, and unicorn floats. Also, do not miss out on all the beautifully decorated cozy couch and lounge areas for more picture taking!

Glow in the dark room

All masterclasses are held at the Cake Atelier. A few of the classes are taught by Cakes by Cliff. Clifford Luu was born creating cakes for all occasions whilst working full time. His cake decorating artistry and style is derived from his architectural studies, his love of geometrical shapes, patterns, and his unadulterated flair for flavor combinations.

As of today, Clifford has been involved in many creating collaborations for brands, weddings, special events, and various magazine publications. He has also traveled both locally and overseas to teach his own cake decorating tips to many baking enthusiasts.

If you are interested in designing and decorating your personal cake, do make sure to sign up for these masterclasses. Only 20 people are allowed per masterclass, hence do book your slots as soon as possible. Many are already fully booked!

Inflatable Bounce House

What are you waiting for? Isn’t this festival everyone’s perfect dream? Head down to The Great Food Festival, Rollin’ Sweet Times today!

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