Tom Yum Fried Carrot Cake

Singapore is famous for all sorts of food. When we think of hawker centers, food such as chicken rice, prawn noodle, carrot cake, and many others comes into our minds. We tend to loiter around the hawker in search of stores with a long queue (long line = nice food) or unique and appetizing dishes. Speaking of unique, have you heard of Nacho Cheese Carrot Cake?

The typical carrot cake only comes in black or white. However, at No Signboard Prawn Noodles, they serve various types of carrot cakes you didn’t know exists. Their reinvented versions of the classic local delicacy will blow your mind away.

No Signboard Prawn Noodles carrot cakes are all fried upon orders. We know how it feels to eat an ‘unfresh’ carrot cake. Everybody likes it hot and crispy.

Tom Yum Carrot Cake with Pork Floss

Sweet, spicy, and sour tom yum sauce gave the dish just enough flavor. Topped with pork floss, the carrot cake was evidently crispier and had a tangy tom yum taste that was simply amazing. This dish got even better paired with the sambal chili; We got the kicks from the combination of the sambal and the hint of spiciness from the tom yum flavoring.

Nacho Cheese Carrot Cake

To all cheese lovers out there, this is a must-try. The usual condiments of radish cake cubes, eggs and a dash of seasoning are used to fry the carrot cake. Then a generous amount of nacho cheese is drizzled on top to complete the dish. The smoothness of the cheese complemented the carrot cake for a super soft texture.

Luncheon Meat Carrot Cake

For the more conservative eater, do not worry. No Signboard Prawn Noodle also serves a less daring dish. Instead of a regular plain carrot cake, why not add some meat into it giving the dish more texture and flavor?

Black Pepper Mushroom Carrot Cake

You will be surprised as to how well the bits of egg and mushroom went together. Black pepper is usually very overpowering paired with any food. However, the owner of this store added the seasoning in careful consideration to not hide the fragrance of the carrot cake.

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Address: Blk 301, Ubi Ave 1, (S)400301
Nearest MRT: Eunos
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am to 7pm
Sat: 7am to 4pm

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