Unlimited Grilled Fish and Sides at Orchid Roast Fish!

Grilled fish in Singapore is becoming a popular trend amongst many people. However, it can be on the pricey side, made worse with the lack of variety. Well, today, we bring you another affordable restaurant to satiate your appetites; Orchid Roast Fish! This restaurant is an all-you-can-eat buffet in Singapore where you can have, not just one, but as many grilled fishes as you want. Sides and appetizers included and refillable broth. Have we got your interest? Read below for more!

When at Orchid Roast Fish, you know you got to get the grilled fish right? In their super value-for-money roast fish buffet, you can eat as much sea bass as you want with all the different soups. There are 9 different soups to choose from ranging from mild chicken and mushroom broth to their signature extra spicy broth. Pick what you want and wait for the fish to arrive at your table piping hot. The fish is served in an electrically heated tray so that the broth will always be bubbling and your fish nice and hot. Dive in and have yourself some tender fish that has been swimming in that flavorsome broth!

Do you know what else is awesome in this buffet? Free flow sides and appetizers! There are 40 over items to choose from! When you need a break from eating fish, you can go ahead and get some sides like pork belly, Australian beef, cheese tofu, Chinese cabbage, and so forth. You should get their homemade pork dumplings too, they are irresistible! The broth is refillable so don’t worry if you’re running out of it. This is just the standard buffet, it’s pretty good, right? Of course, if you’re feeling extravagant, you can order some seafood like lobster or scallops for yourself (not part of the buffet). Otherwise, you are definitely good to go!

Even though the drinks and some items like the mantou are not included in the standard buffet, it is still value for money as the prices are really reasonable! Orchid Roast Fish is great for families or groups where you can eat as much fish and sides till your heart’s content. If you’re not up for their buffet, they also have to highly recommended Cod Fish and Prawn Platter and their Yellow Croaker Fish Stew (you can’t find this fish easily in Singapore) that you can try! Drop by Orchid Roast Fish and have yourself a hearty meal!

For more info, watch the video below:

68 Pagoda Street
Singapore 059227

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