Decor Your Wall: 10 Best Wallpaper Companies In Singapore

One of the major theme-setters in a home is usually the choice of coating for the walls. This is usually done with paint, but many people have also chosen wallpapers to create a more unique design or to set a specific mood that a single colour may not be able to bring forth. The magic that wallpapers bring lies in its many textures, patterns, and colours that provide variety to more discerning homeowners. If you’re considering using wallpapers for your home, check out our list of the 10 best wallpaper companies in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Wallhub

Source: Wallhub

With more that ten thousand varieties of wallpaper designs in their collection, Wallhub is the premier wallpaper choice in Singapore and internationally. They have become the leading wallpaper company by providing the best interior furnishings and a comprehensive solution for all types of wallpapers to cater to various stylistic needs. With their full customization services as well as top-quality craftsmanship, they have garnered a long list of clientele that have stayed loyal to them for years.

At Wallhub, you can get wallpapers from Europe, USA, Japan and Korea. This diversity makes them a favourite of many people, and they have become long-time customers because of it. Boasting traditional, artsy, and modern contemporary styles, they are able to display their collection in showrooms so that customers are able to view them in a home setting before purchase. Couples with professional service and short turnaround time, shop for your wallpaper with them now.

Contact: +65 6493 7217
Address: Nordcom 2, 2 Gambas Crescent, #01-10, Singapore 757044
Operating Hours: 11AM-7PM Daily

2. Living With Art

Source: Living With Art

Living With Art is an artwork company that showcases the art of artists on items that can be use decoratively such as paintings, wallpapers, and many more interior decoration items. Offering exquisite premium artworks for both casual fans and connoisseurs alike, they feature an exceptional range of artists’ works that can be turned into prints and more to suit the tastes of the homeowner. Showcasing the artwork of many local and international artists, they provide a platform for artists to show off their art through interior furnishings that are a hit among many.

Customers who are keen on purchasing an art print as a home wallpaper are able to visit Living With Art’s showrooms to view the artworks in person and in a setting that allows for the wallpaper to be seen practically. Aside from their prestigious gallery, customers can also peruse potential wallpaper prints online, making them a modern and progressive company that puts efficiency and customer satisfaction at the top. Visit their gallery and choose the art print for your home wallpaper today.

Contact: +65 6917 6503
Address: 315 Outram Road, #02-05, Singapore 169074
Operating Hours: 11AM-7PM Daily

3. Living DNA

Source: Living DNA

Living DNA was established in 2015 by Denise Kaur with the intention of providing a platform for artistic collaborative intention and also various creative processes in crafts and furnishings. Having a wide network of artisans around the world, they unite basket-weavers, potters, dyers, tile-makers, wallpaper-makers and more into a one-stop destination for customers to shop. The company takes pride in bringing unique and diverse collections for your home that are made from the best raw materials you can find in nature.

Living DNA’s wallpapers are highly eclectic, with a classy touch and sophisticated elegance that not many others have. Specialising in stylish and decorative wallpapers that exude an exotic feel, their collection ranges from traditional, retro, futuristic, and also modern contemporary to cater to the unique tastes of their customers. Offering eye-popping and exquisite blends of hues and prints, you will be spoilt for choice when shopping at Living DNA.

Contact: +65 8511 3584
Address: 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent, Singapore 528605
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 12AM-7PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-8PM

4. Design Hub

Source: Design Hub

Design Hub is one of Singapore’s premier design destination that showcases a range of internationally recognised brands specialising in various interior designs and architectural products. Offering a multi-sensory experience in conjunction with a diverse portfolio, they have a wide array of stunning designs that inspires and transforms a bland space into a more exciting one. Constantly expanding their selections, customers will always be at the forefront of wallpaper design with limitless stylistic options.

At Design Hub, their wallpapers offer a glimpse into the beautiful world of artsy prints and glamorous designs. With wallpapers that are unique and imported from all around the world, each customer is catered to with a vibrant display of potential wallpapers that will certainly enhance the beauty of their space. Along with personalization services and professional care, you can be sure to receive only the best quality when you purchase your wallpaper with them.

Contact: +65 6686 2002
Address: 30 Tuas Bay Drive, Singapore 637548
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM | Sat 9AM-3PM | Clossed on Sun

5. Wallpaper Singapore

Source: Wallpaper Singapore

Prioritising reputable materials and diverse designs, Wallpaper Singapore offers their customers the benefit of having the best wallpapers for any space, be it a home, commercial buildings, or retail buildings. They believe that everyone deserves to have good-quality wallpaper without having to spend an inordinate amount of money, because having value for money is the most efficient way to shop. Their collections of elegant and beautiful wallpapers are also long-lasting and economical, while also being easy to clean and fuss-free maintenance, ensuring longevity of quality that lasts for years.

Wallpaper Singapore offers many beneficial plus-points for its selection of wallpapers that have become the favourite of many people. Ensuring genuine high-quality wallpapers that suits your home, they have a broad selection that you can choose from to fit a menagerie of styles, be it retro, modern, exotic, and more. With Wallpaper Singapore, you will always get the best service and products without breaking the bank.

Contact: +65 9588 7125
Address: Contact them for address and appointment



SOFTHOME is a boutique home furnishings company that was established in 2012 to offer a comprehensive selection of premium interior furnishings that fits into any space, be it a home, retail outlet, or commercial office. Believing in the philosophy that the right furnishing can instantly enhance a space and boosts its appeal, SOFTHOME’s mission is assisting each customer to create their dream space with high-quality materials at competitive pricing. Because of this, the company has blossomed into a reputable source that many customers remain loyal to even for years.

SOFTHOME’s vision of being the top supplier of exclusive, quality and lasting furnishing has extended to their large collection of wallpapers too. Enhancing any dull walls with vibrant and colourful wallpapers, they believe that wallpapers are a beautiful alternative to traditional paints, offering better textures and designs. Offering embossed wallpaper that gives a more expensive appearance, they provide Japanese wallpaper that is known for lasting quality and elegance. Shop for your wallpaper with them now.

Contact: +65 9221 9632
Address: 48 Tannery Lane, #04-00, Singapore 347795
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-5.30PM | Closed from Sat-Sun

7. Onlewo

Source: Onlewo

Taking inspiration from its local roots, Onlewo in a Singapore design company that incorporates traditional aesthetics and revamps them into contemporary versions. Utilising common heritage, culture and places that symbolize Singapore and also other parts of Asia, they express these conceptual designs on many lifestyle, fashion, and home products so as to connect memories with people. Having been featured in many prestigious publications such as Louis Vuitton City Guide and The Straits Times, they have built a good reputation with business partners and customers alike.

Onlewo’s diverse and conceptual patterns are imprinted on wallpapers, offering homeowners who choose wallpapers to integrate local motifs into their décor. Infusing local flora and fauna, culture, food, and heritage, the wallpapers are exquisitely designed to enliven the spaces of homes and commercial buildings, creating a more local-centric appeal. With designs such as Peranakan Bliss, Chinatown, Kueh Tile, and more, their beautiful wallpaper designs invoke a sense of Singaporean character and nostalgia.

Contact: +65 9112 4685
Address: 129 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208847
Operating Hours: Tue-Sat 11AM-5PM | Closed on Sun & Mon

8. Singapore Curtains

Source: Singapore Curtains

Singapore Curtains is a local supplier specialising in curtains, blinds, wallpapers and various interior furnishings. Aiming to be the one-stop destination for any interior designing needs, they provide the best quality of materials used in making beautiful and appealing furnishings. Priding themselves on the variety that they offer, the company understands that everyone needs to have options to choose from before deciding on the one they truly like. In addition, they offer various customisation services for homeowners who have a specific design in mind.

At Singapore Curtains, they also provide a varied collection of wallpapers for every type of home, retail space, or commercial outlet. Believing that wallpaper can enliven a home and increase its appeal, they aim to be the professional experts that you can hire to decorate your home using their selection of the finest wallpapers available. Providing great craftsmanship, quick delivery, and excellent post-sales care, your home can be refurbished with their wallpapers in no time.

Contact: +65 9859 3623
Address: Shun Li Industrial Park, No 61 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, Singapore 417943
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

9. Starwalls Pte Ltd

Source: Starwalls Pte Ltd

Starwalls Pte Ltd was created by designers who wished to bring affordable and unique designs to wallpapers instead of just simple and boring ones. Aiming to rise above the hundreds of dull and common wallpapers that have flooded the market because of accessibility and availability, they have become the valued alternative option to homeowners who look for quality and artsier wallpaper designs. With vast experience in creating quality decorative materials and products, they have completed projects for established companies both locally and internationally.

At Starwalls Pte Ltd, they offer a large variety of wallpapers that are diverse in design to cater to each customer’s unique needs and tastes. Collaborating with artists and integrating various high-quality materials, they offer wallpaper designs such as textured, exotic, retro, futuristic, and also modern ones. In addition, their experience with interior wallpaper design is highly valued, helping customers achieve the most suitable designs for their home, commercial, or retail space without spending too much. Shop for your wallpapers with them today!

Contact: +659181 5332
Address: 102F Pasir Panjang Road, #05-03, Singapore 118530
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed from Sat-Sun

10. Meridian Curtains and Furnishings

Source: Meridian Curtains and Furnishings

At Meridian Curtains and Furnishings, they provide some of the best wallpapers in Singapore that are customised and personalised according to their customer’s needs. The company understands that it can be anxiety-inducing and confusing for people to shop for new curtains, blinds, or wallpaper, so they aim to make the process as smooth as possible with their efficient and professional team. In addition, their signature collection of interior furnishings are of the highest quality and affordable, making them one of the premier choices in Singapore.

Meridian Curtains and Furnishings collection of signature wallpapers are beautiful and long-lasting, and comes in a wide array of designs, colours, textures, prints, and more to provide a diverse choosing options for customers. Be it for home, retail or commercial space, they enliven the spaces up with their vibrant and appealing design at minimal cost and effort. Value for money is their forte, and if you shop for your wallpapers with them, you will also receive lifetime warranties.

Contact: +65 9025 1681
Address: 349 Changi Road, Singapore 419817
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

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